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10 Ways To Seriously Improve Your Google Searches

Let's face it we pretty much all use Google Search but sometimes it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  With these 10 top tips we will turn you into a Google Search Pro.

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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do With Your New Apple Mac

Got a new Apple Mac?  Then here are 10 quick and easy things we think you absolutely must do.  Whether it is setting a good password or taking the amazing speech recognition for a spin, these top tips will help you get the most from your Mac.

What you need to know about the new CJSM Webmail service

CJSM are introducing a new version of the Webmail service which provides a number of welcome improvements.  For those using the Webmail service we have put together a short article to explain what's new, what hasn't changed and any common questions and answers.  Even if you use CJSM through your own Email application it may well be worth a read as you can use Webmail in combination with your existing set up.

ClickShare not working on macOS Sierra

If you have upgraded your Apple Mac to the latest Apple Operating System, macOS Sierra, you may find that you are not longer able to use the Court's ClickShare facility to present your case material.  To resolve this the Court will need to update the ClickShare base unit.  Here we explain more about this issue.

How to set up 15 New Bridge Street E-mail for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E mini

Setting up your Samsung Galaxy Tab E mini with 15NBS E-mail is very straightforwards and only takes a few minutes.

Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions Explained

We organise various different Office 365 services for our clients and it can be confusing to know what each offers, the differences between them and the costs.  Here we briefly set out to answer just those questions!


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