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How to view the full LEX website on a tablet or smartphone

If you are using a tablet or smartphone to work with your LEX Diary and Cases via the web you may find the initial view provides only limited information.  Here we show you how to change the LEX view so that you see the full LEX website allowing you to access all the case details, documents as well as run reports.

5 Jul 2016 • 13 views

The 15 New Bridge Street Diary entries are missing from my phone/tablet

If your 15 New Bridge Street Diary entries suddenly disappear from your phone or tablet it can seem to be a bit of a mystery.  There are a few reasons this can happen and here we explain each and what you can do to work out where the problem is and resolve it.

17 Jun 2015 • 13 views

LEX Chambers Management - Article

I have forgotten my LEX password!

If you don't regularly use the LEX to check your Diary you may forget your password however LEX provides a quick and easy to use password reminder service and here we show you how to use it.

3 Feb 2015 • 13 views

I am not receiving new Diary entries on my phone or tablet - what do I do?

If you become aware that the Diary/Calendar on your phone or tablet is not as up to date when compared with your Chambers Diary then we have put together a few quick checks that you can do yourself to help resolve the matter quickly.

10 Apr 2014 • 13 views

LEX Chambers Management - Article

Get the Chambers Diary App for your iPhone, iPad or Android device

Bar Squared (who produce the 15NBS Diary System) have made an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that not only gives you easy access to your Diary but also client contact information.  We have written a short guide explaining how to install the app on an iPhone (it is a similar process for Android devices).

12 Aug 2013 • 13 views

LEX Chambers Management - Article

How do I change my LEX password?

As the LEX is a publically available website it is vital that you have a good password to protect not only access to your own information but that of others in 15 New Bridge Street. Fortunately changing your LEX password is very straightforwards.

1 Feb 2013 • 13 views

What options are available for getting remote access to my 15NBS Diary?

15 New Bridge Street uses the LEX system to manage Diaries, Cases and Fees. Remote access to LEX is possible in various different ways and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

11 Sep 2012 • 13 views

How to see your 15 New Bridge Street Diary on your Blackberry

The 15 New Bridge Street Diary system provides a facility that allows your Diary to be integrated into the 15NBS E-mail system and so in turn on to devices such as iPhones and Blackberrys.

11 Sep 2012 • 13 views