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Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

Getting Started with Remote Support

Remote Support is a means by which we can remotely work with you on your computer and investigate or fixed problems without you needing to hang around waiting for someone to arrive.  Here we explain how it works and how you can get more from the service.

22 Feb 2016 • 73 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

How to access local files when using a Remote Desktop Session

If you use the Remote Desktop service you may wish to work with files on your local computer or to transfer files between the remote service and your local computer.  This short article provides a step by step guide on how to switch on this feature.

9 Sep 2014 • 73 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

How to have a Remote Desktop Session work "fullscreen"

If you use the Remote Desktop service to work on a system when you are elsewhere you may want to change how big the remote desktop application window is either to fill the entire screen or to work as a windows within your desktop.

9 Sep 2014 • 73 views

Networkmen - Article

How do I connect to my 15NBS PC remotely?

If you are looking to work from home more you can connect to your computer in 15NBS remotely using the built in remote desktop connection and work as if you were sat at your desk.  Here we explain how this facility works and help you get set up with it.

30 Oct 2013 • 73 views