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The 15 New Bridge Street Diary entries are missing from my phone/tablet

If your 15 New Bridge Street Diary entries suddenly disappear from your phone or tablet it can seem to be a bit of a mystery.  There are a few reasons this can happen and here we explain each and what you can do to work out where the problem is and resolve it.

17 Jun 2015 • 13 views

I am not receiving new Diary entries on my phone or tablet - what do I do?

If you become aware that the Diary/Calendar on your phone or tablet is not as up to date when compared with your Chambers Diary then we have put together a few quick checks that you can do yourself to help resolve the matter quickly.

10 Apr 2014 • 13 views

My email(s) have disappeared

It is very troubling when emails disappear.  It can lead to suspicions including that there is a fault with the email server or that a hacker or other person has accessed your account, but this is very rarely the case. 

12 Feb 2014 • 13 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

An email I am expecting has not arrived

Email is an essential service however if an Email you were expecting hasn't arrived there are a few things you can quickly check before asking us to investigate.

12 Feb 2014 • 13 views