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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do With Your New Apple Mac

Got a new Apple Mac?  Then here are 10 quick and easy things we think you absolutely must do.  Whether it is setting a good password or taking the amazing speech recognition for a spin, these top tips will help you get the most from your Mac.

27 Jan 2018 • 9 views

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ClickShare not working on macOS Sierra

If you have upgraded your Apple Mac to the latest Apple Operating System, macOS Sierra, you may find that you are not longer able to use the Court's ClickShare facility to present your case material.  To resolve this the Court will need to update the ClickShare base unit.  Here we explain more about this issue.

12 Oct 2017 • 9 views

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Apple Mac Safari Browser doesn't show pages correctly or says web site unavailable

An issue was encountered where the Safari Browser on an Apple Mac would not properly display pages from web sites (e.g. images were missing) or it occasionally reported the site wasn't available.  This problem was resolved by clearing the accepted certificates cache.

12 May 2016 • 9 views

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How to speed up your Safari browser

Safari is the standard Web browser for Mac computers systems and is also available for Windows PCs. To keep your browser running smoothly we have put together a few hints and tips.

2 Sep 2015 • 9 views

How to speed up your Mac


If your Mac's incredible speed wore off a long time ago and you now find yourself impatiently tapping the table as you wait for applications to start and documents to load then let us show you a few quick tips for getting rid of that spinning beach ball.


2 Sep 2015 • 9 views

How to set up Mac Mail with new 15NBS E-mail

Setting up Mac Mail with 15NBS E-mail is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Here we explain how to do it.

1 Nov 2014 • 9 views

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How to spot fake E-mail messages

Those keen to get you to divulge your personal/financial information are always looking for new ways to get you reading and responding to their E-mails. Spam filters do a great job and will block the majority of spam and fake messages but inevitably some still gets through. Here we explain some of the things to look for to help you spot the fake messages from the genuine.

15 Jul 2014 • 9 views

How do I add network printers to my Mac at Furnival Chambers?

The following provide instructions on how to install the Chambers network printers on your Apple Mac computer.

4 Apr 2013 • 9 views

How to configure 15 New Bridge Street E-mail for use with Mac Mail (Imap)

Setting up Mac Mail with 15 New Bridge Street is very straightforwards and only takes a few minutes. Here we explain how to do it.

12 Oct 2012 • 9 views

How to create a VPN connection to 15 New Bridge Street for Mac OS X

Here we show you how to set up a VPN connection to 15 New Bridge Street for Apple Mac running OS X. 

17 Sep 2012 • 9 views