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Microsoft Excel - Article

How to always display the same rows and columns in Microsoft Excel

If you are working with a long Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has many columns you may find yourself having to go back to the top each time to remind yourself what a column contains.  Excel provides a feature that can always show the same rows and/or columns in addition to those being worked on and here we show you how.

22 Aug 2013 • 58 views

I cannot open Office 2007+ format files (docx, xlsx, pptx)

One of our more regular queries involves dealing with documents produced using different versions of Microsoft Word or Excel.  If you have Office 2003 (PC) or Office 2004 (Mac) you can install a free convertor that will let you open and save documents created using later versions of Office.  Here we show you how.

24 Apr 2013 • 58 views