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Article - Hard Drive Platter and Mechanism

How to free up space on your Windows 10 PC

If your Windows 10 PC is telling you that it is running low on space then here we show a quick way to remove the various temporary files and previous versions of Windows that are probably taking up a fair bit of that storage space.

17 Jun 2017 • 36 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

I cannot edit the IPv4 properties on a Windows 10 PPTP VPN

With the arrival of Windows 10 there are bound to be a few small problems and one we have encountered is configuring the IPv4 properties of a PPTP connection, in particular being able to configure the default gateway.  In this short article we show how you can adjust these settings.

10 Aug 2015 • 36 views

Windows 10 - Frequently Asked Questions

With Windows 10 arriving we are starting to get queries about the new operating system, how to upgrade, what it offers and how to do things. To make things easier we have put together this Frequently Asked Questions article along with the answers which we hope you will find useful.

31 Jul 2015 • 36 views

Windows 10 - reserve your free upgrade today.

Yes it's true, you can get the full Windows 10 version free from July 29, 2015. Reserve today and Micorsoft will inform you when its ready to install.

10 Jul 2015 • 36 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

Windows 10 has arrived and it is free! What you need to know first.

On July 29th 2015 Microsoft launched the next version of its Windows Operating System, Windows 10 and along with the welcome return of the Start Menu it will come with a whole range of new features.  Here we highlight just a few of the key features of Windows 10 including the free upgrade.

6 Feb 2015 • 36 views

Microsoft Excel - Article

How to always display the same rows and columns in Microsoft Excel

If you are working with a long Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has many columns you may find yourself having to go back to the top each time to remind yourself what a column contains.  Excel provides a feature that can always show the same rows and/or columns in addition to those being worked on and here we show you how.

22 Aug 2013 • 36 views

How to switch off the People Pane in Outlook 2010

The People Pane in Outlook 2010 is intended to provide you with a single place to view people in your social network through Outlook however it relies on having a suitable social network set up which often isn't possible.

29 May 2013 • 36 views