Someone saying they were from Microsoft/Apple called me at home

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to get you to part with your money and one common trick is to call claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple and to help you fix a "problem" on your computer.  Find out more about they are up to and how to avoid being caught out.

12 February 2014 Security  Security, Windows PCs

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Fraudulent IT support callers

We have had many examples of fraudsters calling people at home, saying they are from an IT company (commonly Microsoft) and that your computer has 'informed' them that it has issues and they are calling you up so they can sort them out for you.

  • They will often want to establish a remote session to your computer.
  • They may then show you Event logs with lots of errors as evidence of system faults.
  • For a fee they will offer software to resolve these issues.

How to avoid getting caught hook, link & sinker

  • Microsoft/AVG/Apple/Norton will never call you up out of the blue about system problems
  • The use of the Windows event logs to highlight issues on your computer is just a ploy to worry you into paying them.  They always contain a variety of messages including errors.  In most cases these do not indicate serious problems (but if you have any concerns contact us).
  • Do not allow them to connect to your computer (if you have please contact us).
  • Do not give them your credit card information.  If you have, contact your bank and local police station immediately.  And if you need advice on keeping your PC secure, please let us know.

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