Printing from your iPhone & iPad to the 15NBS printers

We have put in place a service to let you print from your iPhone or iPad to the 15NBS network printers.  As long as your device is on the Chambers wireless network you can easily an E-mail, webpage or PDF to one of the network printers and here we show you how.

15 September 2012 How to...  Printing, Smartphones & Tablets

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Yes! We have an iPhone/iPad printing service available when you are in 15 New Bridge Street. You must be connected to 15 New Bridge Street WiFi network (not the public/visitor network).

Simply go into the item to be printed (most apps including Mail and Safari) and press the action symbol (an arrow pointing to the right in a box). Press print, Select printer and a list of chambers printers should come up.

If the list is empty (this does happen occasionally), press Printer Options and press Select printer again.

Any further problems please double check you are connected to WiFi or contact IT for assistance.

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