Outlook is prompting for a password but is not accepting it

There can be various reasons why Outlook prompts you for a password but doesn't accept what you are typing in.  Here we show you a few simply steps you can do yourself to work out where the problem is.

06 April 2016 How to...  E-mail

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15 New Bridge Street Email is provided by through Microsoft's Office 365 service which means you will usually have a different username and password for your Email than you might use to log on to your computer.

Try Webmail

The first thing to try is to log in the 15NBS Email service through your Web Browser.  This you can do be returning to the Home page of this site and clicking the Webmail icon or choosing Services menu above and choosing Webmail.

You will need to enter your Email address and your Email password.  As mentioned your Email password may be different to the password you use to log on to your computer.  When 15NBS was moved over to the new Email service you will have received an Email with your username and a text message with your password.

If you have lost or forgotten that password you will need to contact us so we can issue you with a new password.

If you are able to log in to Webmail successfully then you can try the following and you also have a means to work with your Email whilst the original issue is being looked at.

Restart Outlook

You must close and restart Outlook, waiting a couple of minutes before starting it and if prompted again, enter exactly the same details (your full Email address and your Email password) as those used for your Webmail.

If Outlook still prompts for the password you should restart your PC and try again.  Sometimes there can be multiple Outlooks open at the same time and this has been known to cause password prompts.  Restarting your PC is the easiest way to clear this potential fault or if you are familiar with Task Manager that can be used to check Outlook is definitely not running.

Still not working?

If you are still bring prompted for the password after successfully accessing via the Web and restarting Outlook/your PC then the issue is likely to be with copy of the logon details that Windows retains for you.  This involves removing and re-entering these details through the Control Panel and is probably something you should contact us for assistance with.

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