My Apple Mac has a hardware fault and needs repairing, can you help?

03 September 2012  Apple Macs

Apple iMac (Small)Apple Mac's are very much like expensive cars - expensive to repair!  This is because of the cost of the parts and the time taken to replace the parts.  For some Mac laptops, simply replacing the CD drive involves taking the whole system apart and for iMac Desktops, special tools may be needed to remove the display to get to the part that needs replacing.

As a result we do not undertake hardware repairs on Apple Mac computers and recommend you go back to Apple in the first instance if you did not purchase your Mac through us.  They are usually very flexible when it comes to in warranty repairs but if your Mac is out of warranty by more than a month then you should expect to be charged for the cost of the parts and the labour and this won't be cheap.

A quick search of the Internet will identify numerous companies who can offer to do such repairs however bear in mind these companies are unlikely to be based near you (incurring delivery charges) and may not be experts in Apple repairs.  Always check the Contact Us details to find out where they are located.

The following is also a list of companies we have pointed people to in the past and may be able to help:

  • londonmac (based in Clerkenwell). Telephone 0845 619 90 09

Note we do not make any specific recommendations about any of these companies however when calling we do recommend you:

  1. Make sure you are clear about the fault that needs fixing
  2. Advise them of any other faults that the system may have
  3. Check the warranty of the repair - it should usually be at least 6 months. 
  4. Check that they are certified by Apple as being capable of underaking these kind of repairs.

If you do make use of any of the companies listed or find another company who have provided you with an excellent service, please do let us know so we can share this with other Mac owners.

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