How to view the full LEX website on a tablet or smartphone

If you are using a tablet or smartphone to work with your LEX Diary and Cases via the web you may find the initial view provides only limited information.  Here we show you how to change the LEX view so that you see the full LEX website allowing you to access all the case details, documents as well as run reports.

05 July 2016 How to...  Chambers Diary (LEX), Smartphones & Tablets

LEX Chambers Management - Article

LEX will determine whether you are using a computer or a smartphone/tablet to access its website and will tailor itself accordingly. 

The advantage of this approach is you get the view best suited to the device being used however the "mobile" view of LEX doesn't include access to some essential features and information (for example documents attached to cases).  This can easily be fixed by changing LEX to Full Site view as follows:

Open Mobile Settings

  1. Log into the LEX website from your tablet/smartphone (
  2. Tap "Mobile Settings" (see below)

LEX Select Mobile Settings

Enable Full Site View

  1. To enable the Full Site View, check the "Use Full Lex Site" option .
  2. Click Save .
  3. Log out of LEX and then log back in again.
  4. You should now have the full LEX site to work with.

 LEX Enable Full Site View

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