How to set up your iPhone/iPad with 15NBS E-mail

Setting up your iPhone or iPad with the 15NBS E-mail is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes. The following instructions take you through the process step by step.

11 November 2015  E-mail, Smartphones & Tablets

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Before you begin

Before setting up your iPhone/iPad with 15 New Bridge Street E-mail, please make sure:


Step 1 - Add an account

Find and tap the "Settings" icon.

iPad Settings (iOS8)

Next, scroll down down the Settings on the left hand side and tap Mail, Contacts Calendar  and then tap Add Account

iPad (iOS8) Mail, Contacts, Calendar


Step 2 - Choose the account type

From the Account selection list, tap Microsoft Exchange.

iPad (iOS8) Add Exchange Account

Step 3

On the Exchange account details screen:

  1. For Email, type your 15 New Bridge Street E-mail address
  2. Next type your 15 New Bridge Street E-mail password (this may be different to your regular password)
  3. Type a description for the account (e.g. 15 New Bridge Street)
  4. Finally, tap Next to continue .

365 Iphone 1


After a few moments the entries should be ticked (as below).

365 Iphone 2

Occasionally your device may not find the details it needs and you will be prompted to either continue or enter some additional details. Tap Continue if offered and it should then tick the boxes otherwise if it is prompting for details such as the server, domain, username etc. then click Cancel and try again.

If your device asks for any other details these may help -

  • Server -
  • Domain - blank (ie leave blank)
  • Username - Your email address

Step 4 - Account Synchronisation Options

After a few moments you will be prompted to choose what type of items you wish to synchronise.  Normally you can leave the selections as is and tape Save.

iPad (iOS8) Save Exchange Settings

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