How to set the Look & Feel for ECHO visitors

Yes!  You can now easily customise the look and feel of ECHO for individuals or groups on their behalf and here we show you how.

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You can easily customise the look and feel of ECHO for individuals or groups on their behalf and here we show you how!

The Look & Feel

For each person using ECHO there are a variety of preferences recorded including:

  • Module icons
  • Home Page Widgets
  • Screen size
  • Colour scheme

Those new to ECHO will receive the default preferences however if you have a new module added you may wish to add this to the module icons for a particular group. Likewise you may wish to remove a widget for someone or apply a new colour scheme for everyone.

This can be achieved through the Look & Feel Administration option found (see below) on your Administration page.

ECHO Look & Feel Icon

Changing the Look & Feel

There are various scenarios for changing the look and feel which are managed through the options shown in the screenshot below.

ECHO Administration - Look & Feel

To explain how you use this feature it is easier to demonstrate how different scenarios would be dealt with.

To set the Look & Feel for new ECHO users

  1. Set the Modules
  2. Set the Widgets
  3. Set the Theme
  4. Set the Layout
  5. Choose "*** All New Users ***" from the Apply to list
  6. Choose "Reset to these setttings"
  7. Tick the Confirm box and then click OK

All new visitors to ECHO will have these preferences set for them.

To add a module to a selected group

If you have a module you wish to make available then you can add this to the list for a chosen group as follows:

  1. Check the Add box for the module
  2. Select the group from the Apply to list
  3. Select the "Merge with existing settings" option
  4. Tick the Confirm box and then click OK

Likewise if you want to remove a module, check the Del box for the module and repeat steps 2-4 above.

Merging vs Resetting

Changes can either be merged with existing preferences (so a widget is added for the selected group or individual) or they can reset.  If the "Reset to these settings" option is chosen any existing preferences will be replaced with whatever has been chosen so this option should be used with care.


If you have any doubts about using this feature or are using it for the first time, set the preferences for yourself before making changes to groups and remember you need to come out of and then go back into ECHO to get the changed settings.

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