How to put back a Windows Desktop that has turned by 90 degrees or is upside down

If you find the display on your Windows PC suddenly rotates itself by either 90 or 180 degrees using the PC becomes a bit difficult however worry not, it is easily sorted.

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This is one of our favourite and frequent requests and a very cruel trick to play on a colleague.  As you are using your Windows PC you may find that the display suddenly rotates itself by either 90 or 180 degrees which makes using the PC a bit difficult!

Rotating the display

To restore your desktop to the correct way up, press and hold down the left CTRL and ALT keys together and then press and release the UP arrow on your keyboard (see below).  The display should flicker and after a few moments be the correct way up.

Keyboard CTRL ALT and Up Arrow

Questions and Answers

What if my Windows Desktop is split over two screens and both have been rotated?

Use the CTRL+ALT+UP Arrow combination to restore on of the desktops, then move your mouse over to the second desktop and click anywhere (so Windows knows where your attention is).  Then repeat the CTRL+ALT+UP Arrow combination and both should now be the right way around.

I have tried the key combination and it isn't working - what now?

If the key combination isn't working then things get a bit more difficult.  There is usually an icon in the System Tray (bottom right) that provides access to the graphics settings for your PC.  Bearing in mind your mouse is going to move differently, right-click on the icon, choose Graphic Options... Rotation... Built in Display and then Rotate to Normal.

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