How to manage absence types in ECHO

ECHO provides attendance and absence recording and reporting through its HR module.  Also included is the ability to manage the types of absence allowing new types to be created and indicating those that will deduct from an individual's leave entitlement.  Here we show you how to manage absence types in ECHO.

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The ECHO HR module provides various staff management services including attendance and absence recording and reporting.  Absences are recording through an online leavesheet and the information from this is use to calculate remaining entitlements, provide end of year reports as well as present absence on the organisation wall chart.

As well as the usual types of absence (e.g. holiday and sick leave), an organisation may wish to add other types of absence and indicate whether or not these are deducted from leave entitlements and decide how they will be shown to other members of staff.

Here we show you how to manage absence types in ECHO.

Absence Type Manager

The Absence Type Manager is available from the ECHO Administration area and once opened will show the current list of absence types (see below).

ECHO Absence Manager

The list shows each type of absence and whether or not it is enabled.  If an absence type is not enabled it won't be shown as an option on a leavesheet however any existing absences with that type will still be shown and reported where appropriate.

Managing the list

The list of absence types can be managed as follows:

To add a new absence type click the Add link .

To edit an existing absence type, click the type name.

To remove an absence type, select each to be removed , choose "Remove" from the action list , tick the confirm box and click OK .

To enable or disable an absence type, repeat the steps above choosing enable or disable from the action list as appropriate.

Adding or editing an Absence Type

When you choose to add or amend an absence type the Absence Type Editor will be shown (see below).

ECHO - Absence Type - Edit Details

Absence Type Details

The Absence Type includes the following details:

The name as it will appear on the leavesheet and reports.

 A short abbreviation (used where appropriate).

A flag indicating whether or not this type of absence is listed on the leavesheet and in any absence reports.

A flag indicatingwhether or not this type of absence deducts from the individual's leave entitlement.

The graphics that will represent this type of absence on the wallchart.

A flag indicating whether this absence type is availabel for use or not.

The current version of the Absence Type Manager does not yet provide the capability to select from a pre-defined list the graphics to be used.  If you are adding a new absence type and need additional graphics please contact us.

Once the details have been amended the permissions (see next session) can be edited and the absence type saved (scroll down for the Save button).

Absence Type Permissions

In addition to the general details for a type of absence each also has two permissions (List and Read) which govern who can see the absence on the wallchart and whether they are told what type of absence it is. 

To manage permissions use the Permissions box below the Absence Type Details area (see below)

ECHO - Absence Type - Edit Permissions

To give an individual or group a permission on the absence type, select their name from the No permissions list  and click Add .  They will then be moved over to the Permissions list .  Click their name in the Permissions list and then add or remove the List and Read permission (see below) as needed by ticking or unticking the appropriate box .  Note that setting any other permission (e.g. Edit) has not effect.

The "owner" is a special individual and indicates the person with whom this absence is associated when it is booked.

Absence Type Permissions

  • No permission - item is not visible on the wallchart.
  • List - the item is visible on the wallchart but shown with the generic "Private Leave" name.
  • Read - the item is visible on the wallchart and its type can be identified.

For example, if you may create an Absence Type called Compassionate Leave but want to make it such that only members of the HR Managers group can see that this is compassionate leave.  For everyone else it simply appears under the umbrella of Private Leave.  To do this we would add the Owner and give them List and Read permissions, next the HR Managers also giving them List and Read permissions and finally add the Everyone Group but only giving them the List permission.

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