How to fix Outlook when it stops sending CJSM Email

If you use Microsoft Outlook to access a CJSM Mailbox you may encounter a situation where Emails do not get sent but remain in the Outbox and this can also affect Email for other accounts set up with Outlook.  This problem arises because of how CJSM secures the connection between its service and your computer.  Here we show you how to resolve this problem.

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When Microsoft Outlook is configured for use with a CJSM Mailbox, the communication used when sending and receiving Email is secured using certificates.  As the certificate used for sending CJSM is a self-signed certifcate it must be approved by Outlook for use. 

The first time Outlook is configured with a CJSM account, a prompt asking for confirmation will be shown.  Unless the warning is acknowledged and use of the server agreed, Outlook will not be able to send CJSM Email. 

Fixing Outlook sending

You may find after a period of time that Outlook stops sending CJSM Email and this may also prevent other accounts from being updated as well as receiving CJSM Email.  Often this is because the security of the self-signed certificate needs to be reapproved however Outlook doesn't show the prompt and this usually happens when people do not close Microsoft Outlook regularly.

If Outlook is not sending CJSM Email

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Wait a few moments to ensure Outlook has completely closed.
  3. Start Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Press F9 to request Outlook perform Send and Receive on your accounts (including CJSM).
  5. You should see the following prompt - if so click the Yes button
  6. Your CJSM should be sent and any new Email received.

Outlook Internet Security Warning when using CJSM to send Email

If you don't see the prompt, please try closing and starting Outlook again making sure it is closed (the Outlook icon should be removed from the bottom right of the display) before restarting.

If Outlook still fails to send Email, please contact us for assistance as we may need to make some adjustments to your computer.

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