How to create a VPN connection to 15 New Bridge Street for an iPad/iPhone

Getting full access to the 15 New Bridge Street network remotely involves using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection which you can easily set up on an iPad or iPhone.

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Before you begin

Before you start setting up and testing your VPN connection make sure:

  • You have an Internet connection.
  • You know your 15 New Bridge Street username and password.

Note in the screenshots below we are using an organisation called Holden White as an example.

Step 1 - General Settings

VPNs are managed through the iPad or iPhone settings so the first thing to do is tap Settings.

iPad Home Settings

Step 2 - VPN Settings

Make sure the General Settings are selected and tap VPN. If at this stage you don't have a VPN option, don't worry, you are probably using an earlier version of iOS - tap the Network option that should be shown instead and then tap VPN.

Apple iOS6 VPN Settings

Step 3 - Add a new VPN

Next tap "Add VPN Configuration..."

Apple iOS6 VPN add new connection

Step 4 - Enter the VPN Settings

Now we need to enter the VPN settings for 15 New Bridge Street as follows:

  1. Tap the PPTP option.
  2. Enter 15 New Bridge Street as the Description for the connection.
  3. Type as the Server.
  4. Type your 15 New Bridge Street username for Account.
  5. If your iPad/iPhone has secure passcode and autolocks to prevent unauthorised use, type your 15 New Bridge Street password for the Password. Otherwise you should leave the blank (recommended) and you will be prompted for the password each time you connect.
  6. Finally, tap Save.

Apple iOS6 VPN edit VPN settings

Step 5 - Test your VPN

Once you have added your new VPN connection it will be listed for you to use, edit or make the default (if you have more than one VPN connection configured).

To test your VPN connection to 15 New Bridge Street, swipe the OFF option for VPN so that it is ON.  The iPad/iPhone will now attempt to set up the VPN connecton and once completed, a timer will show.

You should now have access to the services, resources available such as an internal systems that are not accessible directly from the Internet.

Apple iOS6 VPN start connection

Step 6 - Close your VPN

When a VPN connection has been successfully established, a Connection timer Step 1 will be shown under the VPN settings and there will also be a new VPN icon Step 2 along the top.

When you wish to close your VPN connection (recommended when you have finished with the service it connects to), return the the VPN settings and swipe the VPN connection Step 3 from ON to OFF.

Apple iOS6 VPN stop connection


  • If you have successfully set up your VPN connection but are having difficulty connecting, the first things to check are that you have an Internet connection and that you are using your 15 New Bridge Street Username and Password.
  • If when you attempt to connect the iPad/iPhone reports "Authentication failed.", please double-check the username and password and if there is still a problem, please contact us. 
  • Note that only accounts that have strong passwords are permitted to use VPN connections and you may be asked to choose a more secure password before your VPN service is enabled.

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