How to check that your CJSM Email address is working

New to CJSM or just need check your account is working?  No worries, CJSM offers a quick and easy way to test your account is up and running.

11 November 2015 How to...  CJSM

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If you are new to CJSM or need to just check that your account is working correctly then CJSM provides a simple mechanism to test your account.  In this short article we explain how to test your account.

Testing your CJSM

The CJSM service provides a selection of automatic responders that can be used to test your CJSM service.  You simply need to send an Email via your CJSM account to one of the following addresses:

Once sent you should get, within a few moments, an automatic reply. 

If your CJSM service is working correctly the reply will usually begin with "Message Received" or similar and may include some other details however the important thing is that it was received and that the reply came back to you.

If you fail to get a reply or the reply indicates the message is undeliverable for some reason you should read this article which explains what to look for and how to determine where the problem is:

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