Getting started with Office 365 Quarantine

Office 365 has sophisticated filters that significantly reduce the amount of spam that reaches your inbox.  It also provides a quarantine for items it isn't entirely sure about and here we explain a bit more about how that works and how you can access your quarantine directly.

17 November 2015 Getting Started  E-mail

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Office 365 has sophisticated in-built spam filters that should significantly reduce the amount of spam that reaches your inbox.

To allow you to view the messages that were quarantined, daily reporting has been set up and you will normally receive a quarantine report like below early each morning.

If you don't get a report don't worry - there was nothing to report!

The report selection is slightly different to our previous spam systems in that it just lists the messages caught in the last 24 hours.  This has the advantage of the report being short and so it is easier to spot wrongly caught messages.

The downside is you get just one chance to check each day's messages (they do not roll on or build up).

The options should be self explanatory but if a legitimate address or domain is being caught persistently please let us know at and we can add it to an approved list to make sure it doesn't get caught in future.

Checking your quarantine manually

You can also check your quarantine manually at any time from the following address -

Log on with your email address and your email password.


Example daily message -

Sel Quarantine Office 365 3

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