ClickShare not working on macOS Sierra

If you have upgraded your Apple Mac to the latest Apple Operating System, macOS Sierra, you may find that you are not longer able to use the Court's ClickShare facility to present your case material.  To resolve this the Court will need to update the ClickShare base unit.  Here we explain more about this issue.

12 October 2017 How to...  Apple Macs

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When the ClickShare button is plugged into a Mac running macOS Sierra it can’t connect to the base unit.  Unfortunately due to changes in the Mac operating system, the ClickShare screen capturing client on the Button cannot be started.

At this stage there is nothing that you can do on your Apple Mac to resolve this issue as the problem is with the base unit which needs to be updated and this is a matter for the court's technical support to resolve.

For further details, please see the BarCo support article on this matter

You may want to consider investing in a small cheap Windows laptop for such situations and there are a wide variety of options on which we can advise.

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